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Our MISSION: People – Process – Technology

At Apex IT, we believe that a successful project relies on three key factors: People, Process, and Technology. Our mission is to work closely with each customer to ensure your organization is aligned for success (People); map out the right future state business processes following leading practices (Process); and select the right products and configuration (Technology) to achieve a cost-effective and efficient solution with the desired results.

Apex IT is a customer-first organization. That means that we recognize that each client has different needs, and we help them successfully reach their individual goals.

Our METHODOLOGY: Apex Implementation Methodology

Apex IT has developed Apex Implementation Methodology (AIM) as a flexible and collaborative process that helps us align people and technology with business benefits. It combines our deep experience, our mission of bringing together the best in People – Process – Technology, and our very thorough approach.

AIM begins with a Strategy Session focused on best practices, where we prioritize goals and requirements, define the scope, and create an implementation roadmap. From there, AIM typically consists of eight phases, listed below, that address the defining aspects of a project, start to finish.

  • Leadership: Detailing the steps necessary to engage an organization's leadership team in the Change Management process

  • Performance Improvement: Taking steps to identify and improve critical business processes, and integrating new best practices into the software implementation

  • Planning: Outlining the planning phase coordination meeting, detailing the implementation plan and workbook, and helping with application, methodology, and test script training

  • Analysis & Design: Describing how to perform a GAP analysis and creating specifications for integration, data conversion, and reporting

  • Prototype & Building: Detailing the steps of rapid application development, application tuning, integration, and data conversion, and reporting on development.  Apex IT leverages a Conference Room Pilot approach to help validate requirements before moving on to testing

  • Testing: Outlining the testing stages of system testing, user acceptance testing, load testing, and metrics review

  • Deployment: Rollout, documentation, end-user training, and knowledge transfer

  • Post-Deployment: Outlining how project success measurements will be captured and reported, and how the application will be maintained