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What We Do:

Strategic Planning
Cloud Services
Managed Services
Specialized Staff Augmentation

What We Do

Following industry best practices and employing robust products developed by partners Oracle and Salesforce, Apex IT provides a full range of technology and business solutions. We’ve completed more than 1,100 engagements, collaborating with each client to achieve their unique objectives.

We work with clients large and small, assisting them at all stages in the process: organizing ideas and developing strategies, selecting the most appropriate package, implementing it for best results, and keeping systems optimized with long-term support.

Here's how Apex IT can help:

Strategic Planning - Before a successful implementation can occur, there is important work to be done. Strategic Planning starts long before a package is selected, to ensure that all angles and issues are considered, that decisions are based on sound data, and that the project will achieve the client's stated goals. Some of the deliverables in this phase include assessments, business cases / ROI, package selections, and Roadmaps. Apex IT provides clients with information and guidance to help them make informed decisions, develop solid plans for their environment, or create successful programs to fulfill needs such as customer satisfaction and retention.

Implementation - Much more than getting a project to "go live," successful project implementation means meeting all technical, business, and human objectives on time and on budget. Apex IT manages implementations to a full return on investment by supplying a fully qualified, blended team and our flexible, but disciplined Application Implementation Methodology. 

Cloud Services -  "Cloud Computing," or using business software over the Internet, can save time, money, and hassles – but it's not right for everyone. Apex IT was an early Cloud adopter, and we went completely server-free in 2011. Our hands-on, real-world experience, paired with our technical expertise, helps clients who are considering the Cloud to make wise decisions and enjoy smooth, beneficial transitions. 

Managed Services - A successful implementation may be the finish line of a specific project, but Apex also sees it as the starting line for continually improving business and IT systems. Our Managed Services do both, keeping IT environments and business strategies moving forward. We can often complete this work remotely, saving time and money.

Specialized Staff Augmentation - No matter how obscure, we can identify, procure, and engage the necessary resources to complete a project. By using an on-demand model that draws from a solid network of affiliates and partners that Apex has grown since 1997, we're able to offer clients more perfectly matched expertise at a lower overall price.

We help our clients sort through the hype and determine what where the cloud can have the most impact.