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Sales Cloud (Fusion)


Oracle's decades of innovation are fully realized in Sales Cloud (Fusion), a complete, open, and integrated approach to social, mobile, and cloud technologies that increases both efficiency and effectiveness. Best-in-class offerings can be combined for a system that excels in the present and provides a solid foundation for the future. It is the wave of the future for enterprise systems.



The diagram below represents the propensity of a company to adopt a CRM product based on the complexity of their needs.  Just after product release, a few "early adopters" begin using it. Typically, those with the simplest needs convert first; most will wait until the product is proven or improved to be robust enough. The largest number of companies adopt a CRM in the middle of its life cycle. With needs that are neither simple nor highly complex, these adopters generally feel comfortable and confident enough to implement the product after three to seven versions have been released. The last adopters are those with extremely complex needs, typically waiting until numerous versions have been released.





Innovation has long defined Apex's thinking as well. With CRM "firsts" under our belt including first system adapted for use by a higher education client, for an HR organization, and for a department of corrections, our passion for leveraging new technologies in creative ways is ongoing – and led us straight to Oracle Fusion.

As an early adopter of Sales Cloud (Fusion), Apex IT was invited by Oracle to be involved throughout the design and development of Sales Cloud (Fusion). We also implemented Sales Cloud (Fusion)for the first "live" customer. In fact, we also have implemented Sales Cloud (Fusion) CRM for our own use. We've developed deep experience and insights that make us experts on whether it's a good fit for clients.

Contact us to learn more about the Fast Start programs we've developed to help companies with their consideration, strategic roadmap, and implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion).

“Apex IT has been working with us since 2003. When we decided to consider moving to Fusion, they helped us all along the way with sound advice based on experience - strategy to implementation. We value our partnership with Apex and recommend them to others.” 



Our perspective on Sales Cloud (Fusion) CRM: