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Cloud Services


"The Cloud," or the ever-changing collection of software applications available online, is a game-changing technology driven by powerful trends outside of computing including the cost of energy and the volatile global political situation. Over the next decade, it's anticipated that most enterprise computing will occur offsite.

Cloud service differs from traditional hosting in three major ways.
1 – It is sold on demand, typically with thresholds.
2 – It is "elastic," meaning each user can use as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time.
3 – The service is fully managed by the provider, so that the end-user needs only an Internet- connected device.

By eliminating the initial cost of purchase and the time required for configuration, using the Cloud can be both cost-effective and smart for some users, but there are also a host of unproven vendors and outrageous claims.

Cloud technology can be used to: 

  • increase speed-to-market
  • allow faster provisioning
  • create new business models
  • decrease capital spending
  • reallocate staff
  • adapt to the changing needs of the business

Cloud technology does have its limits. Working in the Cloud may not offer some organizations what they need in terms of usage, performance, or customization.


Apex IT was an early Cloud adopter, making a strategic decision to move to the Cloud in 2009 and going completely server-free in 2011. This "end user" experience has enhanced the insights we've gained during more than seven years of implementing Cloud technologies for clients. We work with a range of available Cloud products including Salesforce, Oracle's CRM on Demand, and Oracle's Fusion, and we know how to select, implement, and integrate the latest cloud technology to improve an array of business processes. Without going into too much "ancient history," Apex IT has long been an IT pioneer, keeping our focus on ever-evolving technology from early CRM products such as Vantive, Siebel, and Clarify – to Cloud precursors such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS – to the Cloud.

Apex IT's combination of hands-on, real-world experience, paired with our technical expertise, helps us help clients who are considering the Cloud to make wise decisions and enjoy smooth, beneficial transitions.

 Our portfolio of cloud services includes:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Implementation
  • Application "Lift and Shift"
  • Web Service Development and Integration

“We went from a manual process system to Oracle CRM On Demand in less than six months. It’s saved us time, money, and increased our sales!” - Joe Jansen, Director of Information Services